Guam BNB and Short-Term Vacation Rentals

Guam BNB and Short-Term Vacation Rentals

by Lei Bao

This course provides a useful resource for local real estate practitioners, B&B, and short-term vacation rental operators on relevant standards for application assessment and policy development. They are also a useful resource for existing B&B and short-term vacation rental operators by addressing not only the relevant assessment criteria but also issues of good ongoing management.

The course is also proactive, being the first cooperative effort between Guam Real Estate Licensees and Local Government to address specific concerns with how Local Government was dealing with applications for B&Bs and short-term vacation rentals.

The main purpose of the course is to facilitate a consistent regulatory and policy approach by real estate practitioners to B&B and short-term vacation rental accommodation.

Learning Objectives for Students

After completing this course,

  • Students will be given advice on best practice B&B or short-term vacation rental development assessment and policy formulation.
  • Students will receive information which are useful for all local associations for the B&B and short-term industry in Guam.
  • Students will be facilitated a more consistent approach to B&B assessment and policy development in Guam.

NICE Friday 9am

Course Schedule

Every Friday
9:00 am – 12:00 pm


N.I.C.E. School 341 S Marine Drive, Suite 203 Tamuning, GU 96913


(671) 687–2012

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