Lei Bao

  • B.S. in Surveying Engineering
  • B.A. in English
  • M.A. in Logic


  • (671) 687-2012

Who is Mr. Lei Bao?

Mr. Lei Bao grew up in China and has been living in Guam for almost 10 years. He holds two bachelor’s degrees in English and Surveying Engineering Technology, a master’s degree in Logic. He is an active real estate broker in Guam and has 13 years of teaching experience across different countries and regions. Throughout his career in real estate and education, he always values his students’ success as the measurement for his performance.

What does he do?

Real Estate Instructor

Math Instructor

Book Writer

My Published Books

13-Year Teaching Experiences

Real Estate Instructor at N.I.C.E
(2018 – Now)

Real Estate Broker
(2015 – Now)

English Teacher at Randolph Language Center
(2008 – 2015)

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