How to Handle the Tenant Eviction Process on Guam

How to Handle the Tenant Eviction Process on Guam

by Lei Bao

Eviction can be a very expensive, lengthy and aggravating process. This is especially so when you do not know the rules and regulations. Many landlords make costly and time-consuming mistakes when it comes to eviction.

Are you confident in your ability to evict a tenant? Do you know what small, honest mistakes are responsible for the majority of lost eviction cases? These mistakes can add weeks or even months to the time it takes until your tenant is evicted. Some can even result in counter-suits that cost landlords thousands of dollars. This course will guide you through the general eviction process, begging to end, as well as reveal some smart tactics you can use to avoid the whole thing!

There is no prerequisite knowledge for this course. Some familiarity with property management is helpful but not necessary.

Learning Objectives for Students

  1. Understand the Entire Eviction Process
  2. Learn the most effective ways to avoid an Eviction
  3. Avoid Major Pitfalls when Evicting a Tenant

NICE Friday 9am

Course Schedule

Every Friday
9:00 am – 12:00 pm


N.I.C.E. School 341 S Marine Drive, Suite 203 Tamuning, GU 96913


(671) 687–2012

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