Real Estate Like-Kind Exchanges

What is a like-kind exchange?

A 1031 or like-kind exchange is a business transaction in which one asset — typically real estate — is traded for another of relatively equivalent value. 1031s are important as, unlike conventional sales or exchanges, they are not subject to capital gains taxes. As a result, for certain businesses, 1031 exchanges offer an opportunity to grow or modify their assets without being subject to the same tax burden they otherwise would be.

However, 1031 exchanges must be done in full accordance with the law to avoid expensive penalties. As this area is complex and continually evolving, 1031 training is an important investment that can help anyone considering such a transaction avoid risk.

Training at N.I.C.E.

National Institute of Continuing Education offers many real estate training courses online and in-person that cover highly relevant areas of real estate. Whether you are a real estate salesman or real estate investor going further into depth on the topic or a business owner who needs some basic education about what can and can’t be done with 1031, we have the training that fits your interests and tailored to your knowledge level. Some topics covered by our course include:

  • Basis and adjusted basis
  • Depreciation
  • Capital Gains and Losses
  • Rules and Regulations of Like-Kind Exchanges

Our courses cover 1031 exchanges from both a federal and state-specific perspective, so you can gain a better picture of your responsibilities, whether you’re in Guam or other states.

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At National Institute of Continuing Education, we’re committed to providing the ultimate learning experience, which is why we back every purchase with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our commitment to quality education promises peace of mind when selecting real estate courses.

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